About Us

This free online tool called KeyboardTester.info was made specifically for those who want to evaluate their keyboards without wasting time. You can quickly determine whether every key on your keyboard is functional.

Anyone who works online is an editor or plays video games needs a keyboard. We made a highly helpful website with all these considerations in mind to assist you in any way we can.

KeyboardTester.info is always available to help. Without the requirement for the computer or its language understanding, we enable you to determine in a short amount of time whether the keys aren’t responsive due to sticky keys, the keys are broken, or if there is a different cause.

You can also use KeyboardTester.info to locate the broken keys on your keyboard. By using this simple webpage, you may test every key on your keyboard.

You could also wish to determine how many keys your laptop or desktop’s keyboard can register simultaneously or check for ghosting. You may want to check to see whether your F2 to F11 keys still function. We have all your information on our website.

Check to see if your typing issues are caused by hardware or software. Both Mac and Windows keyboard systems are compatible with this keyboard tester.

We truly hope that you will get something from using our Keyboard Tester tool. Stay tuned as we plan to expand the features and iterations of this outstanding testing tool.

If You Have Any Concerns, please read our privacy policy and terms & conditions page or if you want to use the tool, please go to Keyboard Tester.

For Any Queries you can contact us.