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Use our keyboard latency testing tool to precisely determine the condition your keyboard is in right now if you wish to test the keyboard’s rate of response.

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    What is Keyboard Latency?

    The amount of time before data transfer really starts is known as latency. In the context of the keyboard, latency is the amount of time it requires for a keystroke to register from pressing a key to the device reflecting the updates on the monitor.

    For instance, if you press any key on the keyboard, the duration it took for the information to reach the computer after the key was pressed and the switch was activated, and the moment the computer received the indication from the keyboard, it began executing the action that the key had triggered.

    Most regular users rarely bring up keyboard latency. However, keyboard latency becomes a significant issue in multiplayer games.

    Polling Rate

    Polling rate is also another crucial idea in keyboard latency. The polling rate means gauges how quickly your keyboard responds. To put it another way, the keyboard polling rate test describes how quickly or slowly your gadget operates. Of course, it is far more beneficial if gadgets act quickly and record their replies.

    Most users prefer keyboards that produce at least 1000 Hz, or 1 ms, of response time. Both keyboard enthusiasts and casual users should look for keyboards with higher polling rates because they indicate higher-quality keyboards.

    Wireless keyboards are anticipated to have a lesser polling rate, which, as was previously said, results in a higher latency rate.

    Keyboard Latency Test
    Keyboard Latency Test

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    Why is Keyboard Latency Important?

    Keyboard latency is highly valued since it is required for activities like coding, desk jobs, and gaming, where just a slight delay can pile up. The keyboard may cause a delay in your input and the completion of your activities, among other factors.

    Gaming keyboards are designed with the minimum latency possible to eliminate lag, even though no element of your computer is totally lag-free.

    Keyboard Latency Test

    Our website makes it simple to determine your device’s key latency. Following are the steps for keyboard response rate test:

    • As soon as you open the keyboard latency test on our website, you may begin your test.
    • Your keyboard’s scan rate and minimum intervals can be calculated. The frequency at which the keyboard automatically updates or refreshes itself based on the state of its key matrix is known as the scan rate and is expressed in hertz (Hz).
    • Try pressing your keyboard keys to check the keys by using test box. They will be picked up by our system, and the results will be shown to you.
    • You can reset the test once you’ve run it and run it again.
    • The option to download the testing report is also available. The report that is downloaded will contain the scan rate and response rate.

    Factors that Contribute to the Keyboard Latency

    Your keyboard’s scan rate is known to be impacted by several things. Keyboard latency is impacted by various things.

    Wired Latency

    Whether your keyboard is wired or wireless, it has an impact on its latency. A major contributor is the nature of the connection. The lowest latency keyboards are those with cable connectivity, which makes them a good choice for gaming.

    Since wired keyboards are directly connected to the computer, there is reduced latency since the input is processed and shown on the screen more quickly.

    Wireless Latency over Bluetooth

    When it comes to Bluetooth connections, as they have the largest latency, they are typically reserved for business and portable keyboards. These are not appropriate for gaming yet there is no apparent latency when typing. Therefore, unless your wireless keyboard can provide you with the exact latency as a wired keyboard, we advise that you use a wired keyboard if you want to use it for gaming.


    How do I check input delay on my keyboard?

    You can use the testing tool available on our website as a keyboard latency test also known as an input delay test, to check your keyboard input rate.

    How can I improve my keyboard latency?

    There are multiple ways you can improve your keyboard latency. Some of the methods are by changing keyboard properties or by reinstalling the keyboard driver. You can also update it, it will help in improving the keyboard response rate.

    Is keyboard latency important for gaming?

    For gamers, keyboard latency is crucial; a gaming keypad with a high latency might mean the difference between winning and losing.

    Is 1000hz polling rate good for keyboard?

    As a keyboard having a polling rate of 1000Hz will update its state every millisecond, this polling rate is particularly effective.

    Concluding Keyboard Scan Rate

    Keyboard latency plays a big role in having a satisfying gaming experience. Therefore, a keyboard with low latency can be quite helpful for gamers, therefore it is important to know the latency of a keyboard before buying one.

    You should make the best decision when selecting a low-latency keyboard because it is a critical element of your gaming PC setup and contributes significantly to the total latency, which illustrates the delay between when you input data and when it displays on the screen.

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