Keyboard Click Test | Clicks Per Second CPS

Looking to test your clicking speed on keyboard? Check our Keyboard CPS test to determine how fast you can click!
Time: 10 s

What Is Keyboard Click Test?

An online test called the keyboard clicker test is created to evaluate your keyboard clicks per second speed in a specific time. You can use our keyboard click test tool to check how fast you can click on the clicker and you will also be able to check the errors. Failures in the keyboard and some other electronic components have a serious impact. Therefore, if any key isn’t functioning properly, it’s possible that the nearby keys will soon follow suit. Whether or not you intend to use them, this issue will create an impact on your speed as you will have stop and start typing over again. Enter all of your keyboard’s keys to check it using our keys per second test, which you can use on the top of this page. Try out our handy little tool and type a little to evaluate your speed on both a MAC and a PC. Keyboard Click Test

Before clicking, you should test your keyboard buttons through Keyboard Tester!

Keyboard CPS Test

You can determine whether your keyboard genuinely has a problem or not by using the online keyboard tester. After making sure that keyboard is good to go, you can start this test.
  • A special tab will be opened to you when you touch a key on the keyboard when you access our keyboard clicker tool, where you must push the key to start the test.
  • A timer will be started according to your the time limit you want.
  • Start clicking the keyboard keys as fast as you can type.
  • After you finish the test, your result will be displayed on the test screen
  • If you’d like, you may try the test again after resetting it.


How do I check my shift key during click test?

SHIFT should be tested as a modifier key using the value Keys. Shift. Likewise, you should utilize the Keys to check for the modifiers CTRL and ALT.

How many keys can you press on a keyboard at one time?

The process is “rollover” and it simply refers to how well your keyboard can recognize when numerous keys are being pressed simultaneously. Most keyboards include a six-key rollover, which enables them to recognize when six keys are pressed at once. Other Tests You May Like:

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