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WPM Test

Words per minute test, or WPM, is a measurement of typing speed that is frequently used in typing tests and hiring procedures. It is limited to five keystrokes or characters. A constant input speed measurement has the benefit of enabling cross-linguistic comparability. Make careful to begin your touch typing accurately. Over time, your speed will increase.

There are various testing methods. This exam involves typing, and the results are presented in words per minute. The WPM score will increase as you practice typing and test your typing speed more frequently.

Adults and children can complete our free 1-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute scheduled typing speed tests to determine their average words per minute test score.

You may find out both your typing skills and typing accuracy by taking this WPM keyboard test.

Different Modes in WPM Typing Test

We have provided you with various word-per-minute testing methods. Your commitment to honing your typing abilities depends on how much time you have available.

You can easily choose from one of five typing modes when you are a guest user. Also, these typing test wps are undoubtedly available to you with unrestricted access and repeated attempts. The modes you select will determine how valuable your achievement is.

Additionally, experts advise users to increase their reading and typing speeds at the same time. Only typing words per minute test is the topic of certain online typing tests. The WPM typing test’s drawback is that it teaches you only how to type quickly. The accuracy of WPM typing tests cannot be determined.

WPM Test
WPM Test

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Our Words per minute Typing test

Use our online typing test to find out how fast you type.

  • You can start you test by selecting the time limit provided on the screen. Once you select timeframe test will start for that time.
  • You can start typing, it will be shown on the box given in the tool.
  • Two distinct entry options make the experience interesting and aid in the improvement of various speed typing abilities.
  • Review your typing accuracy and speed as you type because it is updated and shown every second.
  • The display screen will show the typing accuracy percentage and speed total number of errors.
  • Along with that, the total number of errors that you made while typing will also be displayed that you can use to evaluate your typing skills.
  • Total word count that you have written in the typing box will also be shown on the screen. This way you can check how good you were.
  • To share your testing results with your fellows, use the sharing links on the testing results panel.

Reason to take a typing test:

You may want to undergo a typing speed test for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’d like to test how quickly you can type, or maybe you wish to see if your accuracy needs to be improved. A typing test is a wonderful tool to gauge your progress in any case. If you can type more quickly than the standard 40 words per minute, congrats.

Typing Test Guide
Typing Test Guide

You are free to retake the exam as often as you wish, and each time your accuracy and speed should increase. You might be astonished when you will find out how quickly you can type, if you give it a try today.

Benefits of typing test

Improved work efficiency

Customer support agents can be more productive since written communication is more accurate and tickets are resolved more quickly.

Better focus

Advanced typing skills mean less or no mistakes and a stronger focus on the task you are assigned. Without worrying about the menial changes, your productivity increases as you get better.

More job opportunities

In jobs like database developer, customer service representative, secretary assistant, or transcriptionist having good typing abilities gives you an advantage.

How to improve typing speed?

Because muscle memory is the key to good typing, frequent practice is the only way to get better. We designed a program that will help you practice typing in the most easy and efficient manner possible.

Some of the improving methods are:

  • You must periodically exercise your fingers and be persistent to form good habits. The importance of accuracy, ergonomics, and fast typing speed should come later.
  • Avoiding overworking yourself, remember, this is a marathon, and not a sprint.
  • Ten minutes of exercise each day is preferable to one hour of running.

What is an average typing speed?

The typical typing speed is around 40 WPM, but this can vary greatly based on your style of typing. You must search for each key as you type if you only use two fingers, or “hunt and peck.” Unfortunately, there is a speed limit to how quickly you can type up words, regardless of how fast you move. The average speed for individuals employing this strategy is only 27 WPM.

Instead, by using all ten fingers to type, you may teach your fingers to press the correct keys without looking down. Additionally, you may type considerably more quickly by travelling fewer distances across the keyboard.

And it manifests. With all 10 fingers used, the average touch typist can type more than 50 WPM, which is about twice as fast as using only two fingers. Please note that this represents the average. Most people can text MUCH faster with this technique. One of the modern world’s fastest typewriters, Sean Wrona, can type up to 256 WPM. Over the course of 50 minutes, he can even maintain a rate of 174 words per minute.


How is typing speed measured?

The number of words you can accurately type in a predetermined length of time is how fast you can type. During the test, you will be given a number that represents your average words per minute (WPM) and a percent that represents your accuracy.

What does WPM mean?

WPM stands for “Words per minute” and is based on the equation 1 WPM = 5 keystrokes. It is a measurement of the keyboard’s output speed.

Is a WPM of 55 good?

A 57 WPM typing speed or greater is considered to be excellent. Touch typing is the main factor that supports speedier typists. When you type by touch, you locate the keys using muscle memory rather than vision.

Is 80 words per minute good?

A professional typist’s typical typing speed ranges from 43 to 80 words per minute (wpm), however some tasks may call for rates of 80 to 95 (typically the minimum for dispatch roles and other time-sensitive typing duties), and some skilled typists can reach speeds of more than 120 wpm.

What is the best method of typing?

Professional typists claim that touch typing is the effective type of typing. But many proficient typers employ the hybrid method (the combination of Hunt & Peck and Touch Typing).

What is a passing score on a typing test?

Typing tests for jobs require a minimum score of 50 WPM. The legal secretary’s speed is between 50 and 60 WPM. Coders must achieve a score of 60 WPM. Professional transcriptionists should aim for 60 to 75 WPM.

How long did it take you to type in 65 WPM speed?

It is challenging to estimate the time. However, if you can practice consistently for two hours nonstop for six months, you might be able to speed up to 65 WPM.

Why is it important to take a typing speed test?

By conducting a typing speed test, you may find out your average typing speed (WPM) and accuracy. This information serves as a baseline that you can use to train yourself to type more quickly and accurately.

What can I do to improve my score?

The saying “practice makes perfect” is true. You can try some other things to increase your typing skills in addition to practicing. Enhance your ergonomics by switching your display and furnishings, learning to touch type, getting a nicer keyboard, and forcing yourself to gaze at the screen rather than the keys.

What is the highest wpm ever?

216 words per minute (wpm), which Stella Pajunas achieved in 1946 while using an IBM electric typewriter, was the fastest typing speed ever recorded.

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