Keyboard Ghosting Test | How To Fix It Online

It’s likely that you have never heard of keyboard ghosting if you are unfamiliar with the world of keyboards. That’s because you hardly ever run into it in everyday usage. But if you’re a gamer, writer, or developer, coping with it can be crucial.

What is Keyboard Ghosting?

When you hit a key on the keyboard, it may not register and fail to accomplish the intended function, a condition known as keyboard ghosting.

To be completely honest, this issue has existed forever. If you’re a casual online user or computer user, you may have never experienced keyboard ghosting, but it is a very serious problem. This problem is particularly prevalent for those who utilize computers for specialized purposes. These could be keyboard shortcut users who use more than a few keys.

This issue can occasionally affect players whose video game characters need to hit multiple keys simultaneously to complete an action, but it is incredibly uncommon.

Developers and programmers who must employ numerous key combinations at once are the computer users most impacted by keyboard ghosting.

Keyboard Ghosting Test
Keyboard Ghosting Test

How to tell if your Keyboard is Ghosting?

You realize it when the computer keyboard freezes up while you’re typing something crucial on it. As a result, when you examine the screen, the letters you were trying to type have just disappeared. The term “ghosting” refers to the fact that such errant characters are permanently lost in cyberspace.

The great majority of individuals probably don’t experience this because it takes pressing numerous keys quickly or consecutively. But you can test your keyboard by trying keyboard ghosting test on the CPSTesters website.

The number of keys on a keyboard will depend on its type, but less expensive ones might only provide protection against ghosting for three to four keys in one go. Ghosting is kind of an obvious design weakness with these kinds of keyboards, thus the membrane beneath your keys may also be contributing to the issue.

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What Causes Keyboard Ghosting?

Key ghosting is caused by a number of hardware and software limitations as well as other causes.

The factors are:

1. Hardware Incompatibility: If your keyboard cannot accept multiple concurrent key presses due to internal circuitry limitations, there could be a hardware compatibility problem that prevents it from supporting Anti Ghosting.

2. Software not allowing multiple key input: Even though your keyboard includes Anti Ghosting technology, but if you are still experiencing Ghosting while typing on your laptop, there may be a problem with the software in question.

3. Simultaneous input being restricted by communication protocol: Keyboard input may be restricted by communication protocol, which may result in a ghosting problem. You can then update the keyboard driver with the most recent version and change to a new USB port if necessary.

How To Fix Keyboard Ghosting?

So, if you’re looking for a new keyboard but don’t want ghosting to happen, try these keyboard ghosting fixes:

  • To start, search for “anti-ghosting” keyboards. The number of keyboard keys that allow this feature is often listed in this, including “25-key anti-ghosting.” For anti-ghosting purposes, this won’t cover the full keyboard, however, it will specifically target keys that are frequently held down next to other keys.
  • Another choice is to look for keyboards that can handle pressing a particular amount of keys at once. The phrase “[number]-key rollover” is used in advertising for these. A 4-key rollover keyboard, for instance, allows you to press and hold four keys simultaneously.
  • N-key rollovers, though, are the finest of all. This phrase refers to a mathematical letter that stands in for a series of numbers that never end rather than the actual “N” key on the keyboard. Given that an n-key rollover keyboard has no upper key limitation, this name is appropriate. Since each keypress is registered individually, there is absolutely no ghosting.

You can also try a ghosting keyboard test to determine where the problem is.


How do I check if my keyboard is ghosting?

The most common key for movement in video games, ASDW, should be pressed and held. Next, while keeping those keys depressed, press each additional key one at a time. Try releasing a few of the ASDW keys if a key you discover doesn’t work.

What is anti-ghosting for a keyboard?

When numerous keys are pressed simultaneously, each one has legally registered thanks to a keyboard function called anti-ghosting. Missing keystrokes or “ghosting” are avoided in this way.

Concluding Key Ghosting

When you’re engaged in a game or a crucial programming project, keyboard ghosting is not the best sight. So, even though this problem is uncommon, dealing with it can make life simpler. Several strategies to ensure it never occurs were covered in this article.

I sincerely hope you gained a lot of knowledge from this article and that you’ll use these tips to stop keyboard ghosting.

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